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Case 1
This patient has the lateral incisors missing (the smaller teeth next to the central ones). The canine teeth had been previously smoothed to make them appear less pointed but they still looked quite bulbous and rounded. Composite was bonded to these teeth to make them look more flat and square Also some composite was bonded to the premolar on the patients left to make it look more bulbous and pointed. Finally the two central teeth were shortened slightly.
Case 2
This patient had a dark tooth caused by damage to it in a previous accident. It caused the nerve to die resulting in discolouration. Root canal treatment was needed and then the tooth was bleached internally and the previously restored broken area was replaced with composite to match the new shade.
Case 3
Teeth with considerable wear have been restored with a composite bonding system, giving not only protection from more wear but also improving the appearance, making teeth look longer and more youthful.
Case 4
This lady's teeth were very uneven and discoloured. Teeth were crowned to give a lovely even appearance and a whiter, cleaner look.
Case 5
The upper front teeth had suffered from erosion in this case, making them look darker and worn. Porcelain veneers were fitted to improve the appearance and also to protect the teeth against further wear.
Case 6
The patient's teeth developed and erupted with dark banding caused by taking an antibiotic called Tetracycline. As it is in the actual tooth structure bleaching would not be successful. Teeth were restored with high density crowns to give a lovely natural appearance.
Case 7
Here the anterior teeth were uneven and discoloured. Teeth were restored using porcelain veneers to give a straight and clean appearance.
Case 8
This patient had old crowns made with metal bases; they have an opaque yellow appearance and were showing dark edges at the gum area. The crowns were replaced by high density porcelain which allow the light to pass through as it does with our own teeth creating a much more natural appearance.
Case 9
The front teeth were broken following an accident and they have been restored by bonding composite to them in layers to give a natural final result.