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Your dental care

This is where you will really notice the difference.

We have installed the very latest state-of-the-art equipment and the most comfortable treatment chairs (you won't want to get out), to make the visit as stress-free as possible.

Screens set into the ceiling allow you to watch specially imported calming DVDs of oceans, Africa or footage from the Hubble space telescope and Space Shuttle missions.

These same screens allow us to show you your X-rays instantly. New digital filmless X-ray technology, which is also ultra low dosage (less than a quarter of normal film based systems) now means no waiting for processing and even greater safety.

The hygienist has the same levels of equipment plus the latest air abrasion polisher which removes stain more gently and efficiently than rotary polishers.

Artificial teeth (dentures)

False teeth needn’t look like false teeth. We use skilled and artistic technicians who work with us to create as natural or as pleasing an appearance as you want. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t always about brilliant white Hollywood smiles, it can be about creating a smile which matches its owner.
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Where teeth have been lost we can often replace them with artificial teeth fixed to their neighbours either by crowns or by adhesive wings stuck to the inside of the adjacent tooth.
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(new patients)

Our initial examination of the mouth, head and neck is more thorough than most of our new patients have previously experienced.

We screen all new patients for risk factors associated with dental disease. We chart existing teeth and previous restoration work, score gum disease and carry out a baseline examination for oral cancer or other problems of the soft tissues and bones of the head and neck.

If x-rays are needed we have the latest digital imaging technology. Patients see the results immediately on the overhead 'patient' monitors.

Every patient receives a detailed written quotation and explanation of their treatment plan and we will work with them to set personal goals for a healthier mouth.

Composite build ups/layering

Composite filing materials (used for most white fillings) have developed hugely in the last few years and are now used as the preferred technique of many cosmetic dentists.

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Crowns (caps)

Crowns or caps are new outer shells of tooth used to strengthen weak teeth or to improve appearance.

They can be made from porcelain, porcelain bonded onto a hidden thin layer of metal (we use a gold alloy) or glass ceramic (we normally use Empress). Sometimes we use crowns where teeth are twisted out of line. It may be a quicker form of treatment than the use of braces.
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Examinations (regular)

All our regular patients are offered agreed time intervals for recall examinations so we can screen against potential dental problems. The frequency of x-rays, cancer screens and gum charting varies between patients according to risk factors. Each patient has an individual preventive programme.


When teeth decay or break, (usually the latter at Oralcare, as our patients generally look after their teeth) we need to restore them with fillings.

White fillings are normally offered as a matter of course. We screen patients to identify decay at a very early stage and reserve emergency slots every day for our patients' broken teeth (granary Bread has a lot to answer for).


Hygienists are trained to help patients maintain a healthy mouth.

Compared to the dentist, they are much more cost-effective way of thoroughly removing all of the deposits that can lead to, and prolong, gum disease. The also have the time to work with patients to help advise on home care.


Implants are one way of replacing missing teeth. A post is planted in the jaw bone to support a replacement tooth. This acts like the root of a natural tooth. Implants can also be used to support fixed bridges or dentures.

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Root canal treatment (root fillings, Endodontics)

When the nerve in a tooth dies, either through injury or decay, the dead tissue inside the tooth can become infected; this can go on to form an abscess.

By cleaning out the dead material and sealing the tubular canals in the root the dentist can prolong the usefulness of the tooth. We use the latest rotary Nickel titanium instruments and techniques
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Second opinions

Sometimes patients want a second opinion on their mouths and we are happy to provide a completely confidential service.

A patient my be looking for reassurance about a planned course of treatment or concerned that a dental consideration is not being satisfactorily addressed.

Many of the patients who seek our advice in this way are looking for solutions to cosmetic or aesthetic problems that their own dentist is unwilling to provide or, on occasions, reticent to discuss.

Smile makeovers There has been a lot of media interest and hype following the popularity of makeover programmes on TV. There are many ways to achieve a better smile from whitening, through veneers, crowns to simple reshaping or composite build ups.

Sports mouthguards

Many schools now recommend the use of mouthguards for contact sports, as part of their risk assessment protocols.

We advise their use by all patients, children and adults alike, who play contact sport. We do not recommend home 'boil-in-the-bag' type products because they do not fit as well as a custom made mouthguard.

We can supply a vast range of colours and combinations to cater for team colours or individual tastes.

Tooth Whitening

This process enhances the whiteness of the tooth by bleaching the collagen that was left in the tooth when it was formed. The tooth whitening procedure is harmless to the structure of the tooth enamel. Collagen exists like microscopic grout between the crystals of tooth enamel but doesn't serve a structural function.

Home whitening: This technique involves taking moulds of your teeth from which we make custom fitted vinyl overlays of your teeth. These overlays, or trays, are filled with a small quantity of the bleaching gel and are worn each morning and evening (for 20 to 30 minutes) for two weeks. After this time the teeth will all be lighter in colour.

Please note that the process cannot change the colour of existing fillings or crowns.
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Thin shells of porcelain or glass can be bonded to the front surface of teeth to make them look better. Sometimes we need to shave off a thin layer of tooth to make room. These are custom made in the laboratory so this is a two-visit treatment

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Denplan is quite simply a monthly maintenance contract between dentist and patient administered by Denplan care.

It also provides insurance cover for patients against unforeseen problems such as injury to the teeth and mouth or out of hours call-outs. The Denplan monthly fee varies according to how much dentistry you have had in the past.

Only practices that achieve all of the standards set and monitored by Denplan are permitted to use the Denplan EXCEL brand and logo.
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