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payment plans

DenplanWe offer Denplan Care, Denplan Essentials and a practice membership plan via Denplan.

Denplan Care is the route chosen by most of our patients: a monthly fee set according to your dental history covers all necessary treatment other than cosmetic improvement and any laboratory fees ( for items made outside your mouth).

DenplanDenplan Essentials is a maintenance plan that covers basic examinations and scaling and polishing –All that most of our patients need in most years.

Practice membership costs only £5.00 per month and gives you access to all of Denplan’s insured benefits plus a 10% discount on all our fees (unlike Denplan Care it does not cover the costs of any treatments provided other than those covered by insurance). Please ask for details

Denplan prices all include optional worldwide dental emergency and injury insurance cover. If you choose not to take out this optional insurance the monthly fee is reduced by 60p.

For more information on Denplan, please visit their site